The Voice of General Aviation in Montana

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The Montana Pilot's Association (MPA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1939 to serve the interests and needs of general aviation in Montana.

The MPA is the voice of general aviation in Montana. You may already belong to a number of national aviation organizations... but you also need to belong to the MPA for reasons outlined below.

The MPA is the only state-wide organization open to all pilots, and dedicated to representing and supporting the interest of Montana pilots.

Goals of the MPA

  • Promote Private and Commercial Aviation
  • Protect the Rights and Privileges of Pilots
  • Carry on Education Programs for Public Benefit
  • Promote Feeling of Fraternalism Among Pilots
  • Instill Respect amongst Pilots for State and Federal Regulations
  • Promote Flying Safe
  • Aid in Search and Rescue
  • Assist in State and Local Service Projects
  • Encourage New Pilots to Pursue aviation goals

MPA Represents General Aviation:

  • Monitoring general aviation issues in the state legislature
  • Active co-sponsor of the annual Montana Aviation Conference
  • Our representative on the Montana Aeronautics Board
  • Membership to the Aviation Organizations of Montana
  • Representing general aviation on airport usage and development committees throughout the state

MPA Promotes Flying Safety by:

Working toward the equitable and safe use of airspace by commercial, military and general aviation.

Ensuring the viewpoint of general aviation is heard during the planning of aviation facilities.

Supporting and participating in FAA safety seminars

Encouraging the installation, relocation, and improvement of air traffic control and weather reporting facilities

Reviewing and commenting on FAA, state and local proposals that affect airspace use.

Introduce or support legislation beneficial to aviation, campaign against laws that are not.

Benefits of Membership

When you join the Montana Pilot's Association you become part of a larger voice for general aviation in Montana.

Specifically you gain:

Membership in an organization that represents your general aviation interests.

Subscription to a quarterly newsletter that includes a calendar of aviation events and Hangar reports from around the state, as well as keeping you informed on issues important to Montana Pilots.

Representation at the local, state and national levels on aviation issues.

PO Box 1178
Seeley Lake, MT 59868
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